Niagara Falls and Ontario Wine Country

Niagara Falls and Ontario’s Wine Country: A Perfect Pairing


When something as breathtaking and unique as Niagara Falls is in your back yard, it’s difficult to gain notoriety for anything else. And yet, Ontario’s Wine Country manages to be a popular destination in its own right.


The Niagara Peninsula, which includes Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL), is one of the most fruitful areas in Ontario’s Wine Country. You will gain a literal taste of some of the best wines this region has to offer during your Airlink Niagara Falls bus tour.


Lakeview Wine Co.


Your last official stop during your day tour will be at Lakeview Wine Co. where you will receive a complimentary wine tasting experience. Lakeview is one of the area’s largest wine producers, working with popular brands such as 20 Bees, EastDell, FRESH, and Lakeview Cellars. Within their world-renowned brands, they produce a full range of red, white, rose, ice, and other desert wines. Make your selections from their extensive tasting menu and enjoy!


If you enjoy one or more of the wines you experience during your complimentary tasting, feel free to visit their retail space near the wine bar. Knowledgeable vintners will be on-hand during your tasting and shopping experience to answer any questions you may have. Remember that not all wines are available in your local region, and may have mailing restrictions. If you find wines that you love, get them while you have the chance!


Ice Wine: Canada’s Viticulture Pride


A term you will hear often in and around NOTL will be ice wine. This is because Ontario’s climate is uniquely ideal for the otherwise difficult production of this sweet dessert wine.


When temperatures reach below freezing, winemakers allow their heartiest grapes to remain on the vine until they are frozen. This means that the outside of the grapes and the water inside freezes, although the natural sugars do not. They are quickly harvested and pressed, resulting in a very sweet wine that is difficult to find anywhere else in the world.


When offered the chance to taste or purchase an Ontario-produced ice wine, the opportunity should not be missed. The reliance on ideal freezing weather while grapes are still whole and hearty, and the speed at which the grapes must be harvested and pressed, means that ice wine is difficult to make and therefore can be pricey and hard to find.


More Wine Tasting in Niagara-on-the-Lake


Queen Street in NOTL is a wonderful area full of boutique shops, plenty of food, and gorgeous scenery. If you can’t get enough Ontario wine, there are areas along this main drag, and within a short distance, to satisfy your thirst.


Shaw Café and Wine Bar provides a beautiful natural atmosphere where you can enjoy a wide array of Niagara wines and light fare. The European-style bistro features an outdoor area that is perfect for people watching in the hearth of Queen Street. The HobNob Lounge, located within the stunning Charles Hotel, offers a more upscale light fare and wine drinking experience. Their bar offers some of the best wines you can find in the region, by the glass or bottle.


One of the best things about a bus tour to Niagara Falls is the array of other activities that will satisfy every member of your party. Wine lovers and nature lovers unite for this memorable experience thanks to Airlink Niagara Falls bus tours. Visit our homepage to learn more.